Closeup of the bathroom showing the tub, vanity and 2-person shower.

Master Bathroom Remodel in Darien, CT: Elevating Luxury and Serenity

When embarking on a master bathroom remodel in the beautiful town of Darien, Connecticut, our client had a clear vision. They yearned for a sanctuary, a timeless retreat where they could unwind and escape the demands of their daily grind. Our mission was to transform their aspirations into reality, crafting a space that exuded serenity and sophistication.

Creating an Oasis: The 2-Person Shower and Slipper Tub

At the heart of this remarkable transformation was the creation of a 2-person shower and an elegant slipper tub. These focal points were strategically placed to optimize both comfort and aesthetics. The shower boasted breathtaking carrera marble tile, complemented by polished nickel plumbing fixtures. To ensure a seamless and luxurious look, solid Carrera curbing and bench tops were meticulously integrated.

A Symphony of Carrera: Tile Selection and Design

To maintain visual harmony, we extended the Carrera marble theme throughout the entire master bathroom. The heated bathroom floor, a touch of opulence in itself, featured Carrera tiles arranged in a basket weave pattern. To add a dash of contrast and vibrancy to the room, small gray accents were interspersed within the design, framed by a graceful gray border.

Elegance in Every Detail: The Vanity and Wallpaper

No luxury bathroom remodel is complete without attention to detail. We selected a rich, dark walnut stain for the double vanity, infusing the space with warmth and sophistication. To accentuate the room’s overall charm, we introduced elegant floral wallpaper, drawing inspiration from the subtle tones of the master bath. The result? A harmonious blend of textures and colors that enveloped the room in a cocoon of refined luxury.

Conclusion: Where Serenity Meets Luxury

In the heart of Darien, CT., this master bathroom remodel stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of serenity and luxury. With a 2-person shower that promises relaxation and a slipper tub that exudes elegance, this space is a haven for our client. The carrera marble, polished nickel fixtures, and thoughtful design choices come together to create a bathroom that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. As you step onto the heated Carrera tile floor, you’ll understand that this isn’t just a bathroom; it’s a masterpiece of tranquility and opulence.