Basement bar with drop down lighting, large window against the back wall looking into the wine cellar. Black stools and gold countertop.

Turning a Chappaqua Finished Basement into a Wine Lover’s Paradise

Client History

The homeowner was a 5 year client of Aesthetic Renovations at their previous home, also in Chappaqua, NY. The former property’s exterior layout was not optimal for their lifestyle, so they chose a new property, with more suitable outdoor grounds. Also included was a very large basement level. The homeowner had a specific vision for the finished basement with a wine cellar.

Client’s Finished Basement Vision

A Wine Connoisseur’s Dream for a Finished Basement

The husband, a serious wine connoisseur and entertainer, had a specific vision for their basement with a bar:

A Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar

  • Capable of holding up to 5,000 bottles.

Entertainment Area

  • Full wet bar.
  • Lounge-like seating area.
  • Large sectional couch in a living room-like area for sports watching on a large-format TV.

Initial Challenges

Space Design Challenges

Initially, there were some challenges in designing the basement level space:

Existing Concrete Walls
  • (2) 20” thick, 10’ tall, solid concrete walls were present.
  • These walls were non-structural but obstructed the floor plan.
Creative Solutions
  • Brought in a concrete cutting specialist to eliminate the obstructive walls.

Unlocking the Potential to Create a Finished Basement With a Bar and Wine Cellar

Removing the walls unlocked the full potential of the space. To preserve natural light for other areas, the wine cellar was positioned deeper into the basement’s center.

Showcasing the Wine Cellar

The client wanted to showcase the wine cellar to those seated at the bar:

Custom Bar Cabinetry

  • Gloss black bar cabinetry with a hand-hammered true copper countertop.
  • Positioned outside the wine cellar for visibility.

Innovative Wine Cellar Window Panel

  • Installed a 4’ x 7’ insulated window panel on the back wall of the bar.
  • Allows people at the bar to see directly into the wine cellar.

Final Touches

After the basement room building, the decorators were brought in for:

Interior Design ideas for Finished Basement

  • Finished basement wall color selection.
  • Carpet choice.
  • Furniture selection.

Audio/Video Setup for Basement Entertainment Area

  • 100” TV mounted on a remote-controlled articulating bracket.
  • 72” linear natural gas-fired fireplace installed.

Project Completion

Check out the photos and videos to see how this beautiful finished basement space came to life!